Zenvironment exists to help you create a thoughtful message that is focused on people who can help you achieve your organization's goals and become a net benefit to the environment and the community.



Strategic Communication – I will help you figure out what to say, who should say it, and who needs to be hearing it, all in the service of giving your organization the best possible chance of meeting its goals.

State and Local Government Affairs – For many businesses and private organizations, the path to success leads through local, state and federal government decision makers. I can help you determine the best route for reaching your goals.

Community Outreach – Working with and for communities has become a proven way to achieve success on public policy related issues. I will advise on how to make that a part of your strategy.

Public Relations – Whether you want the whole world to know your story, or just a few key people, I can help you manage that process to achieve maximum impact.

Writing Projects and Research Projects – As a former award-winning reporter, I can help you plan and execute a research and/or writing project.
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Arizona Water Company
San Gabriel Valley Water Company
Fontana Water Company
City of Alameda
Capstone Turbine Corporation, Chatsworth, CA
EnLink Geoenergy Services of Houston, TX
International Environmental Solutions, Romoland, CA
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
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about rick ruiz

Rick Ruiz has 35 years of experience in the communications field, first in the news media and then in government, politics and public policy.

Over the last 20 years he has focused on environmental policy including, new technology and community-based solutions. Important issue areas include water supply, water quality and regulatory issues, energy, solid waste management, land use and air quality.

Mr. Ruiz' experience includes a stint as the Assistant Press Secretary to former California Lieutenant Governor Leo McCarthy, Press Secretary to Los Angeles City Councilmember Ruth Galanter, and Senior Deputy to Los Angeles City Councilmember Michael Woo.

In addition, Mr. Ruiz worked for five years as a reporter, first as an award-winning reporter for the El Paso Times in El Paso, Texas, covering police, courts and government. He later worked for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, where he also won an award for a series on sports gambling, and for Newsweek Magazine.

Mr. Ruiz also spent three years as Program Manager for a $25 million water conservation program run by CTSI Corporation of Irvine for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. The award-winning program used community-based organizations to distribute nearly half a million ultra-low-flush toilets and other water conservation devices. The program was enormously successful and has served as a nationwide model for community-based conservation programs.
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personal projects

In addition to his public relations work, Mr. Ruiz has published more than a dozen articles on a wide range of topics over the last several years.




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